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Pinpoint Individual Annual Subscription



Using gaming technology, Pinpoint™ is a web app that provides a safe, convenient tool for teens to learn about, track, assess, and communicate about their sickle cell pain with medical providers and parents right from their smartphone or tab­let.

Pinpoint™ offers an innovative Pain Assessment Tool and a Pain Diary to log physical and emotional pain symptoms. All with the touch of a finger, patients like you can describe and assess the intensity, duration, quality, nature, and location of your pain and report it to your parents and/or your physician via e-mail and with an option to print the report as well.

Pinpoint™ is a web app and works on any smartphone or smart mobile device. You can play games, watch videos, learn preventive health tips, and visit the Patient Stories sec­tion with real stories and inspirational messages told by other sickle cell patients. Pinpoint™ also includes various relaxation activities to further assist with at-home pain management.

Pinpoint™ was developed by Klein Buendel, Hilton Publishing Company, and a large team of medical experts and parents of children with sickle cell disease. The research and development was funded through a Small Business research grant (SBIR) awarded in 2016 by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and through that research study, Pinpoint™ was clinically proven to help aid in the management of pain caused by SCD. Click here to review the outcome study data associated with Pinpoint: https://www.hpcinternationalinc.com/Products/Pinpoint

  • Pain Assessment and Tracking: Pinpoint offers an innovative Pain Assessment Tool that teens can use with the touch of a finger to assess their pain and symptoms which they can log into the Pain Diary
  • Games: Teens can play games to learn SCD terminology and words that will help them to more specifically describe their physical and psycho-social pain symptoms when communicating with their parents and caregivers.
  • Data Sharing: Pinpoint works on any smartphone or smart mobile device and pain assessment reports can be shared electronically with parents and/or providers through the app with the teen’s consent
  • Sickle Cell Disease Education from Hope & Destiny Series: The educational content in Pinpoint comes from the renowned and best-selling Hope & Destiny book series which is written by 3 clinical expert leaders in hematology: James Eckman, MD, Lewis L Hsu, MD, PhD and Allan Platt, PA-C, MMSc. Hope & Destiny is Hilton Publishing’s premier educational book series on sickle cell disease and access to much of this information is available through Pinpoint™. Books are tailored for different reader age groups including adults and parents as well as adolescent patients, and see their real life stories of living with SCD.

View all the ways you can purchase Pinpoint subscriptions for groups of patients or as individual subscriptions here: https://www.hpcinternationalinc.com/Bookstore/Search?keywords=%5B%5D&searchString=pinpoint- 

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