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TransformNational - Journey of a Bastard

e-Book (Mobi/Kindle and Epub/Smart phone)

An inspiring biographical story of how one man overcame the trials of his past from Chicago’s violent West Side to develop a path to personal success, despite countless obstacles that sought to derail him.

TransformNational details the author’s own personal transformation, sharing his amazing journey as he has mastered the art of using life’s challenges as motivation to succeed rather than as license to fail. Robinson hopes to encourage others to transform nations one soul at a time. The book is dedicated to Robinson's mother and also to the single parents and children in poor and violent areas who seek a safer, more stable life. 

Published in 2014, 216 pages


"Lamont is a true example of what hard work, perseverance and fortitude can accomplish. It is my hope that his story awakens the youth of America to the lesson that hard work really does pay off. No matter the neighborhood or culture - in America, all things are possible."

Joe Reubel, CEO of Kerma Medical

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Page Count: 216

ISBN: 9780990428343M