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The Power of Positive Thinking

A wonderful new guide for your hospital's employee training and development program. Dr. Washington shares his trusted expertise on how empowering healthcare providers - nurses, administrative staff, doctors, everyone who touches your patients - ultimately supports the delivery of high quality, thoughtful and efficient patient care. The Power of Positive Thinking aims to build a collaborative, empowering environment within your healthcare facilities, by encouraging all staff members to work together to identify personal and group goals that will allow your institution to achieve its mission through realistic action plans. Every institution providing healthcare, from the solo practitioner to complex multi-specialty clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes face crises that now threaten the very survival of healthcare institutions in our country. But the healthcare family has one weapon that can cause the industry to not only survive but also to experience healthy growth. The weapon, of course, is you, an empowered, renewed, positive-thinking you. You can carry through to success the details of the vision for your institution's strategic plan as well as enrich your personal life. This manual/book was written to assist you in learning and discovering truths, abilities and gifts already inside of you. You will learn how to implement the "12 Truths about Yourself" and to foster the "11 Attributes of Your Character" in your daily living. You can expect new abilities and insight to help meet your daily, personal and work-related challenges.

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ISBN: 9780984756667