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Welcome to HPC International, Inc.

Here you can login 24/7 to manage all of your business transactions with HPC, place orders and review your order history.

Whether you are an individual doing personal shopping or a corporate buyer making purchases for your company, use your account to view the HPC Store.

If this is your first time using HPC’s Customer Portal, click "Register" above in the top right to create your new user account. To proceed, you will need to have handy basic information about your company and your GPO Member ID.

If you do not know your GPO Member ID, please contact our Customer Support team at (219) 922-4868 or info@hpcinternationalinc.com and a representative will research your GPO Member ID and assist with you setting up your new account.

Thanks for visiting HPC’s portal! It is our pleasure to serve you!

Your account will give you access to:

  • Current pending orders and requests
  • Reports with order history details
  • Ability to create a new order from a previous order
  • Submit a P.O. (purchase order)
  • HPC’s product selection with applicable GPO discount prices
  • Product sales and promotional offers