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MyHPCBooksource Clients

"As always, you are absolutely amazing! I need to send a letter to corporate letting them know what a jewel they have in you. Your prompt precise customer service is excellent and so engaging. You make my headaches melt away. I can't say thank you enough." - Phyllis S., Training Center Coordinator, Sinai Chicago

"Thank you! Everything is going really well, and you guys have made my leadership team believe that I walk on water. :-)" - Karenlee, Executive Assistant, Revenue Cycle Management, PeaceHealth   

“HPC has been a very good vendor to work with when placing book & magazine orders. Always willing to go the extra mile to find or help obtain the book I’m looking for.” - Corporate Buyer, Midwest HC System

“Hilton Publishing Co. (HPC) has worked with Parkland Health & Hospital System (PHHS) for over 10 years servicing the health system with books and other media. HPC is a one-stop shop sourcing/procurement partner. They work as true partners and always obtain competitive prices. HPC has excellent customer service, product and service selection, and an unmatched focus on delivery on-time. Their business model and standardization of media purchasing has decreased the cost of business, the cost of product and has greater efficiencies.” – Indria Hollingsworth, Director of Supplier Diversity & Ethical Sourcing, Parkland Health & Hospital System

“Having worked with Hilton Publishing for several years as a buyer with Memorial Health System, I can personally attest to the superior product quality and excellent customer service HPC provides. In my new role with MedAssets, it is my privilege to recommend HPC to all of my clients.” – Kerri Millican, Regional Client Manager, MedAssets Group Purchasing Organization

“Thank you to you and your HPC team for responsive customer service!” – Rosalyn Carpenter, VP Supplier Diversity, Catholic Health Initiatives

“Thank you Everyone! You all make my life easier! Happy Holidays!” – Shelley F., Director OB Services, STMH - Centura Health

“Thank you for information! I was able to get what I needed to place an order. Wow, now this was a quick response! Thank you very much!” – Senior Buyer, Corporate Supply Chain

“You have created the “A” in awesome! Thank you very much for this information. Greatly appreciated!” – Buyer, Materials Management

MyHPCEducationConcierge Clients

“HPC’s service is excellent. Staff find the program easy and convenient to use plus it saves departmental time and research. There’s no downside and no heavy lifting on our part.” Steve Ellis, Vice President, Supply Chain, Franciscan Alliance

"Thank you for your time and diligence to help our department find the best deals for continued education opportunities. [A colleague] told me of 2 experiences lately where you were able to work a deal with virtual seminars to basically get buy 1/get 1 free deal. That is amazing and helps solidify why having [HPC] help us with this is important. I appreciate what you do for my departments and for our organization." - Shannon H., Director of Sports Medicine and Rehab Services, Franciscan Health

“Please know that we remain grateful for your efforts to assist us in such matters. As healthcare continues to evolve, the importance of all of us working together to ultimately best serve the patients who depend on us to deliver high quality, cost conscious care remains everyone’s priority.” — Executive Medical Director

“How wonderful…….Thank you for the comprehensive status on our order. You have made our first experience with HPC great and we look forward to the relationship.” – Assistant to the Administrative Director of Revenue Integrity, Bon Secours Health System

“Thanks for contacting me because this sounds much simpler and economical than doing it on my own.” – Pharmacist, Franciscan Alliance

“Thank you. This process is certainly very painless. Thank you for this good news. We appreciate everything you do for us.” – Manager, Acute Dialysis Unit

“Thank you for your help. You do a great job saving for us!” – Executive Assistant to President/CEO

MyHPCLibrarian Clients

"HPC stepped in on short notice to assist us with reviewing our library subscriptions prior to the renewal deadlines.  Our assigned HPC librarian identified a subscription where our pricing appeared high.  She negotiated a price reduction on our behalf of nearly 50% versus what we were paying. Going forward, our healthcare system will also be utilizing the Library Services from HPC to provide evidence-based literature needed by our clinical teams.  This will free up our clinicians from this time-consuming responsibility, so we can focus on our patients.  I have already heard back from one of our program managers who told me that our assigned HPC librarian helped save him hours of literature search time to find evidence for a clinical question he had.  The HPC librarian was able to retrieve 10 articles within only 2 days on a topic that he thought there wasn’t a lot of evidence available. We have not had a medical librarian in our organization for a few years and it was a gap that we have been wanting to fill.  I have been so happy and grateful for their services!" - Elisa J., Clinical Nurse Specialist, NorthBay Healthcare - CA

"Bob is amazing. He is very attentive and quick will all my requests.  I am grateful that HolyName has this service." - Naana Boakye, MD, Owner of Bergen Dermatology, Holy Name Medical Center 

"My hospital signed on with HPC International as a library resource for all hospital employees.  HPC has been and continues to be a tremendous resource for me since I publish about two articles annually.  Even during tough times when most businesses were closed due to COVID-19, HPC dug deeper to get me the articles I needed to substantiate my statements in my manuscripts.  I also use this resource when creating education for the operating room staff, the department for which I am responsible, that is current.  Other staff members access the resource as well for projects related to their continuing healthcare education." - Debra Dunn, MSN, MBA, RN, CNOR, Education Specialist, OR, Holy Name Medical Center

“Your team has been terrific in timely literature searches and updates on pertinent data as it is released. A true pleasure to work with! Thanks so much!” – Sharyn N. Lewin, MD, FACS, FACOG, Director, Division of Gynecologic Oncology, Holy Name Medical Center and Assistant Clinical Professor, Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, NY

“I’m very happy with the level of competence, courtesy, passion, energy, speed and customer service that HPC's Library Service team provides. Overseeing Hawaii Medical Library is no longer the thing that keeps me up at night.” Gerard Akaka, M.D., Vice President of Native Hawaiian Affairs and Clinical Support, The Queen's Health Systems

“The service is super!!!! Seriously, it’s even better then going to a library.” – Oksana Y., RN, Nurse, Holy Name Medical Center

“You are outstanding. Your service was so fast and complete, that it enabled me to have no interruption in patient care or my work flow.” – Doctor, university hospital

“Truly, I cannot thank you enough! It’s been not only helpful to get my hands on the articles you locate, but equally fun to have someone to talk about my research interests with! Thanks!” – Dawn S., RN, Nurse, Princeton HealthCare System

“Wow, is all I can say!!! Thank you so much. This will not only be a help to my students but I am working on a Neonatal Death and Palliative Care Policy and many of these articles will help. I have highlighted the ones I am interested in. If it is too many let me know. Thank you again….you are amazing!” – Professional Development Specialist & Perinatal Bereavement Coordinator

“Once again you work miracles and fast ones at that. Wish I could write the paper as fast. Appreciate so much all your help.” – Bernadette F., RN, Nurse Community Education

“We are very satisfied. HPC’s librarian has been exceptional and we are looking forward to getting the portal up and running. Thank you!” – Director of Nursing, Clinical Education & Professional Development, Princeton HealthCare System

MyHPCPublisher Clients

"My name is Destiny, and I'm proud to be a Hilton Publishing author. I had this really cool idea about a book that would bring about awareness for children with sickle cell, and Hilton Publishing helped me turn my idea into a reality. They provided a working relationship that did not compromise my creativity or the integrity of the book. Working with Hilton Publishing was not only a pleasure, but an honor. I would recommend an author looking for a publishing company that has integrity, creativity and value to strongly consider choosing Hilton Publishing. My experience with them is immeasurable, and I am truly thankful to have had this adventure with them along my side."  - Destiny Van Sciver, Author of Sickle Cell Superheroes

"Hilton Publishing was able to take my dream of educating newly diagnosed families and turn it into a physical reality. Thanks to them, thousands of families receive life-saving education for a rare disease that struggles to find medically accurate, engaging literature at its disposal." Lisa Rose, M.Ed, Director of Curriculum and Design, The As One Foundation 

“I have had a long relationship with Hilton Publishing and they have been wonderful partners in providing editing and marketing resources to  put the best information into the hands of patients and their families.” Allan Platt PA-C, MMSc, DFAAPA, Assistant Professor and Director of Admissions, Physician Assistant Program, Emory University School of Medicine, Author of Overcoming Pain and Hope & Destiny: The Patient and Parent’s Guide to Sickle Cell Disease and Sickle Cell Trait

“My name is Bob Hartnett, and I am a new author.  I worked with the staff at Hilton Publishing for my first book. Everyone I worked with was very supportive and so professional in helping me with this work.  I really enjoyed working with the team assigned to my project.  Not only did they take an interest in the manuscript I wrote, they treated me with courtesy and respect through the entire process. Any time I experienced a challenge or obstacle, the folks at Hilton worked through it with the expertise of people who really know what they’re doing.” Robert J. Hartnett, Author of Frank Lloyd Wright’s $10,000 Home: History, Design, and Restoration of the Bach House

“YES, YES, YES!!! I think everyone, self-included, is proud and satisfied. Thanks to you and your folks for ‘GOING THE DISTANCE’ with us.” – Dr. John Ruffin, Ph.D., Author of Going the Distance

“I'm getting a lot of good feedback on the [marketing] flyer. There may be an uptake in speaking/book signing events. You did good!” – Fred Evans, Author of Surviving Cancer

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