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Medical Librarian Support with a Personal Touch

The perfect solution for Physicians, Nurses, and other Healthcare Professionals who need evidence-based research support but don't already have access to a medical library or a librarian through their institution.

Your Very Own Medical Librarian

  • Support from your own personal HPC Medical Librarian whenever you need it
  • Request literature searches, help finding journal articles, literature reviews of medical products and more
  • All of HPC's Librarians have a Masters of Library Science (MLS) or Library and Information Science (MLIS)

Your Very Own Online Medical Library

  • 24/7 Access to Your Very Own Customizable HPC Virtual Library Portal
  • Submit requests online and track the status of assistance from your HPC librarian
  • Find quick links to clinical practice guidelines by specialty, statistics and other helpful research information

MyHPCPersonalLibrarian - Where Physicians, Nurses, and Researchers can Find their Very Own Personal Librarian

With growing financial challenges in the healthcare industry, the ability for hospitals and health systems to afford to sustain a costly, robust medical library is becoming increasingly challenging for many organizations. HPC offers a solution for doctors and other healthcare professionals to get the research expertise and support they depend on from a medical librarian through a brand new service called MyHPCPersonalLibrarian.

With HPC's MyHPCPersonalLibrarian service, individuals can subscribe to a service that includes access to a 24/7 personalized online virtual library as well as on-demand support from a personal masters-trained medical librarian who can perform evidence-based literature searches, prepare rapid research reviews on various medical topics, help find journal articles and other clinical information. Flexible subscription options allow you to start and stop service so you can get the librarian help you need whenever you need it.

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Busy physicians, nurses, researchers and hospital administrators have a lot on their plates, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Caregivers and leaders frequently need help from an experienced, dependable librarian with doing research that they rely on to stay up-to-date on new advancements and informed about continuous changes in medicine. But not all healthcare organizations can afford to provide a robust health science library and full-time medical librarian for all staff to access. MyHPCPersonalLibrarian fills that void by providing expert, evidence-based research support and assistance, and we can offer that help to individual subscribers 7 days a week through this new subscription service.


MyHPCPersonalLibrarian includes both on-demand support from your very own personal medical librarian that HPC will assign to assist you and access to a customizable online virtual library portal. Now having access to a librarian and medical library is possible and affordable for an individual nurse, physician or other healthcare professional to get the help they need, whenever they need it. And what's more, our flexible subscription options allow you to choose what's right for you and to start or stop service whenever you need to.


The purpose of a health science or medical library is to assist physicians, health professionals, students, patients, information specialists and others in finding evidence-based medical and scientific information to improve, update, assess, or evaluate health care. Accreditation agencies that help to regulate and govern health care place importance on healthcare organizations offering some type of meaningful and trustworthy information support to staff and patients. But the reality of healthcare comes with high costs and operational challenges, and organizations often struggle to afford the cost of creating, maintaining and staffing a robust library, especially small provider groups and individuals who are not affiliated with a larger hospital or research institution. Finally there is a solution for these smaller independent healthcare professionals and clinicians to turn to, called MyHPCPersonalLibrarian.

Key Benefits & Value

We are the partner that individuals turn to for medicial research.

medical librarian

Direct Connection to a Medical LIbrarian

You'll work directly with a real masters-trained (MLS/MLIS) medical librarian.


Access to Your Own Personalized Online Virtual Library

Our portal is filled with quick links to research, statistics, clinical practice guidelines, and medical search databases.

customer service

On-Demand 24/7 Research Support

Excellent customer service and quick turnaround 7 days a week.

research experience

Evidence-Based Research and Literature Searches

Personalized and rapid research reviews on various medical topics, and assistance finding journal articles and other clinical information.


Flexible Subscription Plans

Allows you to start and stop your subscription plan so you can get the help when you need it.

Seamless implementation

Tailored to Invidiuals

Get the same support and expertise as large medical groups, but personalized specifically to your needs

Flexible subscription plans allow you to start and stop service whenever you need it. Learn more today.

What Others Say about HPC's Librarian Team...

"[HPC's librarian] delivers high-quality results with mind-boggling efficiency. Feedback from users indicate [our HPC librarian] has returned search results or article requests before they have a chance to log out of their email accounts!"

James Spaulding, BSN, RN, CCRN,
Sim Lab Coordinator, Saint Peter's University Hospital

"[HPC's librarian] is amazing. He is very attentive and quick will all my requests. I am grateful [we have] this service."

Naana Boakye, MD, Owner of Bergen Dermatology

"HPC has been and continues to be a tremendous resource for me since I publish about two articles annually. Even during tough times when most businesses were closed due to COVID-19, HPC dug deeper to get me the articles I needed to substantiate my statements in my manuscripts. I also use this resource when creating education for the operating room staff, the department for which I am responsible, that is current."

Debra Dunn, MSN, MBA, RN, CNOR,
Education Specialist, OR, Holy Name Medical Center

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*Disclaimers: MyHPCPersonalLibrarian is a brand new service that is scheduled to be released in May 31, 2023. Individual & Small Group Subscription Options are intended for individual or small group (2-9 users) customers. Large group (10+ users) and enterprise service options are available with enhanced service capabilities through MyHPCEnterpriseLibrarian service. MyHPCPersonalLibrarian service commences on the date of purchase, or on 5/31/2023 if service is pre-ordered. To cancel MyHPCPersonalLibrarian individual subscription service, subscriber must cancel before midnight (12:00 am) Central Standard Time (CST) the day before the next subscription renewal date. Service will be suspended or terminated for customers who do not pay on time. The cost of subscription resources (journals, databases, e-book collections, articles, etc.) are not included. Pricing and subscription terms are subject to change.

HPC is the partner that companies and healthcare organizations turn to for solutions that reduce operational spending, improve corporate efficiency, and increase access to education and medical research.