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Evidence-Based Virtual Library & Research Services for Hospitals & Corporations

An innovative library management service that combines on-demand research support from a dedicated HPC medical librarian, oversight of library subscription resources, and a virtual library portal experience for healthcare organizations and corporations.

HPC has the Hospital Librarian solution to your understaffed, unconsolidated, or underfunded libraries.

24/7 hospital library and medical research services:

  • Article requests
  • Evidence-based research
  • Literature searches
  • Build/maintain library web portal
  • Oversee subscriptions
  • Annual budget oversight

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HPC's team of expert hospital librarians use a simple, flexible approach to manage corporate medical research and library support that reduces costs while expanding library services. We help maintain all the critical features you need from your library, including access to evidence-based resources and a lifelong partnership with HPC.


Hospitals and corporations depend on libraries to provide their employees with access to evidence-based information and research. In healthcare, medical libraries support evidence-based practice in medicine and nursing and fulfill specific requirements for hospital accreditation and other forms of distinction.


Over the past decade technology has changed the way we live, how we learn, and even how we perform research. Digital modalities are replacing traditional learning models that relied on stacks of research journals and printed books in libraries and brick-and-mortar classrooms. We see this shift occurring everywhere.

How We Add Value to Your Hospital and Library

We are the partner that companies and healthcare organizations turn to for solutions that reduce operational spending, improve corporate efficiency, and increase access to education and research.

medical librarian

Our service is not just another subscription

You’ll reach a real masters-trained (MLS/MLIS) medical librarian.


We help fulfill the standard requirements

These requirements are set forth by the Joint Commission and other governing bodies.

customer service

On-demand 24/7 research support

Excellent customer service and quick turnaround 7 days a week.

research experience

Our hospital librarians have 10+ yrs of research experience

They share their extensive knowledge about all types of medical and scientific publications and resources.


Flexible and customizable

Adjust our service support over time as your needs and budget change.

Seamless implementation

Seamless implementation

Within one week, we can begin supporting your clinical staff with our research support and library oversight.

What is the purpose of a Medical Library?

A health or medical library is designed to assist physicians, health professionals, students, patients, consumers, medical researchers, and information specialists in finding health and scientific information to improve, update, assess, or evaluate health care.

A study in 118 hospitals with more than 16,122 participants found that:

  • 95% reported that information provided by a librarian resulted in better informed clinical decisions
  • 48% changed advice given to a patient
  • 33% changed the choice of drugs
  • 25% changed a diagnosis
  • 23% changed the choice of tests
  • 12% changed post-hospital care or treatment as a result of using resources and services provided by librarians or the library

How can HPC's medical librarian support your organization?

Remotely manage your medical library from top to bottom.

Make medical library purchasing decisions and recommendations to reduce the overall cost of your library.

Match your institution's clinical education goals with the right mix of evidence-based resources your staff needs and finds valuable

Respond to hospital staff requests, residents and patients for things like literature searches, retrieving articles, and setting up research alerts.

Support your organization by providing evidence-based research to back up all of your policies, protocols and procedures.

Provide research support 7 days a week and manage your collection of library resources to maintain compliance with accreditation guidelines set forth by the Joint Commission, ACGME, Magnet distinction and other governing bodies.

Build a library web portal from scratch, either using HPC's own virtual library portal platform or any other platform of your choice, which HPC's librarian will set up with all your electronic library resources made accessible online and with quick links to clinical practice guidelines and other helpful research to support evidence-based practice. HPC's librarian then will routinely update and maintain that virtual library platform for your organization going forward.

Manage library budget and annual subscription renewals.

Support the coordination of "group buys" when hospital departments and corporate staff need to purchase large quantities of books by leveraging your organization's volume of spend to achieve the lowest possible price.

Find out how HPC's EnterpriseLibrarian services can support your employees and clinicians with evidence-based research and library oversight 7 days a week.

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HPC is the partner that companies and healthcare organizations turn to for solutions that reduce operational spending, improve corporate efficiency, and increase access to education and medical research.