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Hilton Publishing is continuously searching for new stories to achieve our mission of empowering, educating, and inspiring people. Take a look at some of the projects we are working on right now that will be available soon.

  • 2021 – The Churches of Evanston, in collaboration with Master Wings Publishing, LLC.
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Patient Education

Patient education is essential in today’s healthcare systems. Especially when so many of the leading health issues are preventable. With so much information being directed at us at the same time through multiple sources, it can be difficult for families to find accurate, trusted, and age appropriate information that has been written by experts and based on evidence. That can lead to confusion about where to turn to and who to trust.

Hilton Publishing makes it our mission to bring you education you can trust and depend on. We strive to publish books on topics where there may be a current lack of trusted information available. We fill these gaps by partnering with doctors, nurses, and other experts in those fields to produce new patient information for people of all ages and backgrounds.

It is our sincere hope that the books we publish truly help people to live longer, healthier lives.

Sickle Cell
Chronic Diseases
Biographies, memoirs, children's stories, inspirational
The inspiration stories not always come from pop-culture celebrities or leading historical figures. Often times, the most inspirational stories are those of ordinary people stepping up to do extraordinary things. Whether it’s to never give up no matter how bad it seems, how selfless acts can make a huge impact, to work hard no matter how little you to start with, or simply just to be kinder to one another – we hope these stories inspire and give confidence to people of all ages in all walks of life to shape the world around them and leave it just a little bit better than they found it.
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