Frequently Asked Questions

Books, eBooks and Magazines

  1. What types of books can I purchase from MyHPCBooksource?

    There are lots of different types of books, magazines and other published content that you can find at HPC.

    The following are just some of the categories we sell.

    • Medical Coding Books (CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS, etc.)
    • CPR, Life Savings & Other Certification Training Materials (CPR, PALS, BLS, ACLS, etc.)
    • Leadership & Team Development
    • Nursing
    • Patient Education
    • Drug & Pharmaceutical Handbooks
    • Women’s Health & Motherhood
    • Magazine Subscriptions
    • Advance Directives
    • Education, Textbooks & Study Aids
    • Scientific and Medical Books
    • Anatomical Charts & Posters
    • Children’s Books
    • Fiction and Nonfiction Books


  2. What if I need an item that is not on the MyHPCBooksource website?

    No problem! We do our very best to have all the products you’re looking for in our online bookstore, but sometimes we miss one. If you can’t find something, you can request that item and pricing in 3 ways – online, call us, or email us. Then once we’ve provided you with pricing, our team will get that item added to our store so it’s there the next time you need to buy it!

    Call us: (219) 922-4868

    Email us:

  3. Is there a book vendor that would likely sell all medical and science books? I currently buy books and magazines from multiple different vendors, but I want to buy everything we need from one supplier.

    Yes, that’s one of the many solutions HPC offers! HPC can be your one-stop-shop source for buying all the various books, e-books, magazines, charts, textbooks, study aids, classroom reading materials, certification course packs and more that your organization needs throughout the year.

    Even if you don’t find the item you’re looking for in our Bookstore, just request a quote  for your item and HPC’s team will send you pricing and get to work adding that product to our Bookstore, so it’s there the next time you need to buy it. Register for an account on our site and start shopping today – it’s that easy!

  4. Do I have to pay for my book(s) when I place my order?

    With HPC there are multiple ways to pay. If you are shopping for content for your organization, you can Login to our site to place your order online through our bookstore and pay with a credit card at the time of your purchase, or you can upload your purchase order (P.O.) on the MyBooksource page and we’ll email you an invoice that you can pay with a check or ACH. Or if you prefer, you can still email your purchase order to us at or call us at (219) 922-4868, we are here to help in any way we can.

  5. How does HPC compare with Amazon?

    The advantage with HPC is that we accept purchase orders (P.O.), there’s no quantity restrictions if you wish to buy in bulk, you can buy any published products through HPC no matter who the publisher is, and we can invoice your company to give you more time to pay for your orders.

    Plus, HPC is a contracted supplier with all the national Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) that your organization likely belongs to, and we are a diverse supplier (MBE), which means you’ll get GPO credit and you’ll be supporting your organization’s supplier diversity initiative when you do business with HPC.

    Amazon is a great company for personal shopping, no doubt about it. But when it comes to corporate buying for your organization, HPC caters to your every need with a personalized online customer portal where you can submit orders for ALL the content you and your colleagues need and track your purchasing history 24/7.

  6. Is the MyHPCBooksource™ service the same as HPC’s Media Management Service or MMS?
    Yes – it’s the same great service you know and trust, just with a new name! HPC (formerly known as Hilton Publishing, Inc.) renamed our company and this service in 2020, as over time we continue to enhance our product selection and pricing to ensure we can be your one-stop-source for all the books and publications you need. Plus, our team works very hard to maintain fast delivery and excellent customer service that your organization can count on.

  7. What is HPC's return policy?
    Not all purchases are returnable. Customer must contract HPC regarding product return, if product is returnable customer will receive an RA# with address of where to ship products.  Products returned without an RA# will not receive credit from HPC.  HPC must be notified immediately of damaged shipments and pictures provided of damaged packaging and/or product.  HPC must be notified within 15 days of receipt of product of intended return.  All returned items must be in saleable condition and will be determined at time of receipt. Purchases which are NEVER returnable or refundable include, but are not limited to: PDA software, online service products, subscription services, enterprise services, downloads, used items, and certain books and other electronic products.  If you have questions regarding a return please contact our customer service team at or call our office at 219-922-4868.

Association & Conference Concierge Program

  1. Is the MyHPCEducationConcierge™ program the same as HPC’s Association Management Service or AMS?

    Yes – it’s the same great service you know and trust, just with a new name! HPC (formerly known as Hilton Publishing, Inc.) renamed our company and this service in 2020 as we continue to enhance the program to make sure it meets your company’s needs and to personalize our service to ensure our program fits your company culture.  

  2. What is the MyHPCEducationConcierge™ program and how does it work?

    Imagine a corporate travel agency that handles all the airfare, rental cars and hotel accommodations for a company through a concierge service that works directly with staff on their bookings to provide negotiated group rates and other types of savings on all expenses related to travel…

    Now replace “travel” with “education” – that’s what the MyHPCEducationConcierge™ program does, and more!

    The MyHPCEducationConcierge™ program is an easy yet comprehensive way to centralize all the spending your organization has throughout the year on education related expenses to increase efficiency of internal processes and to save both time and money. You might think it isn’t much to worry about, but you’d be surprised how quickly these education dollars, like travel dollars, add up – especially in corporations and healthcare organizations who have a large number of professional and clinical employees who need ongoing continuing education. 

  3. How long does it take to implement the MyHPCEducationConcierge™ program?  

    From start to finish, implementing the MyHPCEducationConcierge™ program can be completed in as little as 3-4 weeks.

    HPC starts by collecting annual purchasing history from you, then analyzing that information to see where you need help from our program. We then meet with a handful of your department leaders – supply chain, education, human resources, accounting, and research – to find out what each division’s pain points are and how our program can help. Then HPC’s team creates a customized process that will work for all your team members to centralize how they request, approve, and pay for their educational expenses. HPC will prepare a transition plan for how we migrate from your current processes to this new central process with HPC managing the pricing, supervisor approval documentation, payment and reconciliation process for all education expenses going forward, and we’ll share that plan with your department leaders for review and approval. With a launch plan in place, we will prepare communications to help you announce our program to your staff and then your new HPC Account Manager will come onsite to meet your team and launch the program.  

  4. How long does it take to achieve savings results with the MyHPCEducationConcierge™ program?

    Our customers’ organizations start realizing net savings from our program within the first year and each year of service after that. The sooner we can work together to achieve maximum employee participation in the program, the sooner savings can start to be realized.  

  5. What types of “education expenses” does the MyHPCEducationConcierge™ program manage?
    Yes, we handle it!   No, these fall out of scope.
    Association Membership Renewals Charitable Donations
    Corporate Subscription Renewals Airfare, Hotel & Transportation (rental cars, taxi)
    Books, e-Books, Magazines, DVD’s Other Travel Expenses (meals, tolls, parking)
    Individual Medical Journal Subscription College Tuition Reimbursement
    Professional Dues/License Fees Government Agency Fees
    Conference Registration Fees Tax & Insurance Fees
    CE / CME / CEU Course and Exam fees Office Supplies

  6. What are the key benefits of the MyHPCEducationConcierge™ program?

    The MyHPCEducationConcierge™ program brings lots of benefits to an organization, including:

    • it makes it easier for employees to request the education they need
    • it prevents employees from having to pay out of pocket and later seek reimbursement of these expenses when HPC’s team pays for the expense up front with a single centralized corporate credit card
    • it reduces the number of expense reimbursement requests your accounting team must review
    • it reduces the number of payment transactions your accounting team must process and reconcile when HPC begins handling all the education-related transactions for you
    • it saves supervisors time from having to approve individual requests one by one when HPC can group them together instead
    • it provides significant savings to the organization
    • it saves the accounting team time from having to reconcile so many individual department expenses when HPC does that reconciliation work for them
    • it makes it possible to track everything the organization is spending on education when before this was likely next to impossible
    • it makes your staff happy having a concierge support team to reach out to when they need help and don’t have an assistant with the time to do it for them

  7. What are the best practices for achieving maximum employee participation in the MyHPCEducationConcierge™ program?

    Over the years, HPC has learned a lot from customers just like you who have used our program to centralize the management of their education expenses and reduce costs, and we continue to learn and adapt to new customer demands and industry changes. Here are some of the key best practices we have compiled to help our program be successful for our customers.

    1. A program that’s easy to access – HPC allows your employees to interact with us in a variety of different ways – by email, by phone, or online – so no matter what, there’s a convenient way to reach our team to handle their education expense.

    2. Executive buy-in – Our program is more successful the more employees who participate in it, and encouragement of employees starts at the top of your organization. Having your senior leaders involved early during the implementation process and keeping them involved as a “steering committee” to oversee the program’s performance is critical. This ensures accountability for both HPC and your organization to know that we all have a stake in the success of the program, and your senior leaders can help craft the right message for your employees to know why the program is needed and how it is helping your organization streamline internal processes, cut wasteful spending, and make it easier for staff to get the continuing education they need more quickly and affordably.

    3. Clear, repetitive communication – We know that sending a message once, especially about a new corporate program you’re implementing, usually doesn’t do the trick. One key to a successful program rollout is communicating clearly and repetitively. As part of the implementation process, HPC’s team will provide you with a packet of communication materials and a suggested plan for when and how to send each of them, so that your employees learn about the program and then are reminded at the right times to use it when they need it. Some of these communications, HPC will disseminate to your staff, and others we will ask your senior leaders to send out.

    4. Setting the right tone – It goes without saying that employees like hearing about new benefits they can take advantage of more than they like hearing about new rules they must follow. The truth is that HPC’s program brings both – new processes to follow in order for new benefits to be realized. Our program is an added convenience you are making available to all your professional employees, and it is one more way your organization is adopting lean strategies for more sustainable long-term financial health.

      Change is hard enough already, but HPC likes to ensure that your staff is introduced to our program in a positive way, focusing on the program’s key benefits and “what’s in it for me”, while at the same time being very clear about what internal processes are changing and what specifically employees must now do a little bit differently in order to realize those new benefits. This type of positive, friendly tone leads to greater acceptance and early adoption of the new program.   

    5. Continuous monitoring, measuring, and tracking of results – HPC is a big believer in reporting results, to ensure we are measuring what is working well with the program and also identifying opportunities for improvement. These reports begin on a monthly and quarterly basis the moment the program launches, and HPC will continue reporting program results for the duration of service.

    6. Honesty and transparency – We hope that every launch of our program at a new organization can happen seamlessly. But even in the most successful launches we’ve had, we always find room for improvement. HPC believes strongly in being honest and transparent about the results of our program and identifying where and how we can continue to make it better for your staff.

      One of the reports you will receive from HPC during the first year of the program is our “Issues Report” which highlights any issues your staff or our team have encountered with our program, when they occurred and how we resolved them. All our program reports will be provided to your senior leaders and discussed during regularly scheduled meetings, so that we can address any obstacles and work in true partnership to maximize the success of the program. 


  8. How does HPC report program participation and savings results?

    After the program is launched, HPC will begin sending your department leaders (the “steering committee” who oversee our performance) monthly and quarterly reports which outline who’s already using the program, total savings achieved, who’s not yet using the program, the results of our efforts to maximize program participation, and how we’ve addresses any issues or obstacles we’ve encountered.

Medical Library management and Corporate Research

  1. My organization has a library but no librarian to manage it.

    You’ve come to the right place! After just a couple weeks’ worth of sharing information and preparing an announcement, your organization can outsource the management and oversight of your library to HPC through MyHPCLibrarian™.

    Our experienced team of librarians, working remotely, will handle all incoming requests for the library, support with research, help provide instruction on how to search the library’s collection of content to find what you’re looking for, provide evidence and literature searches, get your staff journal articles upon request, and so much more.

  2. What kind of library can HPC manage?

    HPC can manage medical libraries, medical or nursing school libraries, special libraries, corporate research subscriptions, and more. Our team of librarians come with experience working in a variety of different roles – from research to collection development to technical support to virtual library portal development and more – so no matter what you need, our team is equipped and ready to handle it.

  3. How fast is the turnaround time for requests our staff will submit to HPC’s librarian?

    Response time for library requests is usually same day, even on weekends and some holidays.

    The beauty of HPC’s on-demand virtual service model is that we’re there whenever you need us – even outside normal traditional business hours. Research, especially medical and scientific research, needs to be accessible 24/7, so we make sure that somebody is around to help you during the day, in the evenings and on the weekend.

  4. Will we lose access to our subscription resources during the transition and implementation process to HPC’s service?

    No. HPC works very closely with your library’s decision-maker to ensure that the transition process is seamless.

    Implementation of the MyHPCLibrarian™ service does not need to involve any technical/IT work at all actually, with the exception of adding our librarian team as a recipient of your library’s email address, and possibly changing the phone number on your library web portal.

    The rest of the transition process involves sharing information (details about your library’s subscriptions, passwords, vendor reps, etc.) so that we can seamlessly begin managing those resources, renewals, and relationships for you.

    HPC does offer the ability to build a brand new library web portal if your library doesn’t have one already or if you simply want a new one designed. This is an optional service we can provide upon request. And HPC will do all this work for you if you like, or we can provide direction to your IT/Website team and they can build what we write and design. Whichever makes the most sense for your organization is what we are happy to do.

  5. We already have a librarian on staff, but our librarian needs help sometimes. Do we have to replace our librarian with HPC’s librarian?

    No, of course not! HPC’s librarians will work collaboratively and enthusiastically with your existing librarian if all you’re looking for is extra help or perhaps if you’re wanting to expand library services outside your normal library hours of operation (at night and on the weekends). Many organizations have used HPC for this purpose, and since our service is an on-demand service, you can hire HPC to help out for long-term or short-term needs, it’s entirely up to you.  

    HPC’s librarians can be hired to enhance service, to fill a missing gap, to prepare to take over for your current librarian who is about to retire, or sometimes we are hired when your organization wants to repurpose your physical library space for another use and transition to a completely virtual/digital library model.

    During the implementation process, HPC will work with you to set specific guidelines and detailed parameters around what you would like HPC’s librarian to be responsible for, based on your goals and your current staffing and budgetary needs.

  6. What level of experience do HPC’s librarians have?

    HPC’s librarians each have an MLS (Master of Library Science) or MLIS (Master of Library and Information Studies) from an accredited school of library science and/or another related advanced subject degree, and they maintain active membership affiliations with the Medical Library Association (MLA) or other librarian associations to stay current on industry changes and new resources and library tools available on the market today.

    Many of our librarians are bilingual and reside in different U.S. geographic regions and time zones to ensure we can accommodate any organization no matter where you are located. 

    Our librarians all have experience in management positions within a medical, academic, corporate and/or special library setting. In addition, they all have in-depth knowledge of and experience with leading library vendors; databases; medical, scientific and academic journals; departmental bulk purchases of books and subscriptions; lean budgetary oversight; literature searches; research citations; Docline and interlibrary loan programs; article retrieval; PubMed research; transitioning to a fully digital/online library; working with content aggregators; collection development; library web portal development and/or maintenance; general library instruction; and supporting clinical staff with evidence-based research.

    More specific details about the experience and industry knowledge of our team of librarians can be provided upon request.

  7. What is HPC’s library collection development process for managing and renewing library resources and subscriptions?

    Our librarian team in conjunction with our library division leadership team perform a thorough analysis of your library’s current subscriptions and expenses every year, with ongoing incremental tracking of actual utilization of human (librarian) resources, borrowed content, and subscription resources available through your library.

    Each year, our team reviews that most recent years’ worth of usage data and makes decisions about which resources should be maintained, changed, eliminated, added or replaced for the upcoming fiscal year. When we do this work is based on your fiscal year period, so our team is working in advance of any deadlines your Finance Department has for budget approval. This annual review process allows the library to maintain resources that are highly valued and used by the client’s staff while eliminating any wasteful spending and reducing the library’s overall subscription budget. HPC’s team will also review each subscription and seek out any opportunities for consolidation and savings to make future annual renewals as easy and affordable as possible.

    Following our annual analysis of the library’s collection, we will make recommendations about what we feel is best for the library, and your library decision-maker will review and provide approval to HPC’s team who will then finalize all renewals based on your final decisions.

  8. Is the MyHPCLibrarian™ service the same as HPC’s Library Management Service or LMS?
    Yes – it’s the same great service you know and trust, just with a new name! HPC (formerly known as Hilton Publishing, Inc.) renamed our company and this service in 2020 as we continue to enhance our library and research services to make sure we meet your company’s needs and to personalize our service to ensure our program fits your company culture.

  9. What is HPC's return policy? 
    Not all purchases are returnable or refundable. Customer must contract HPC regarding any return or refund request. Purchases which are NEVER returnable or refundable include, but are not limited to: PDA software, online service products, subscription services, enterprise services, downloads, used items, and certain books and other electronic products.  If you have questions regarding a return please contact our customer service team at or call our office at 219-922-4868.
HPC is the partner that companies and healthcare organizations turn to for solutions that reduce operational spending, improve corporate efficiency, and increase access to education and medical research.