Empowering families, especially in underprivileged minority communities through research and the tailored education we publish.

HPC International, Inc. (formally Hilton Publishing) was created by a doctor who saw the overlooked need for culturally sensitive and age-appropriate education for minority patient populations and their unique individual medical challenges. It was then that HPC became a vehicle to deliver much needed patient education to these diverse communities.

We strive to build a network of physician authors and other medical experts who treat patients in underserved communities where the prevalence of certain health issues and chronic conditions is highest. We arm health professionals and the families they support with evidence-based information so they can build a stronger, healthier local community and embrace the diversity among them.

As a minority business ourselves, we believe diversity and inclusion initiatives are a fundamental component of a healthy, vibrant community, and a key ingredient for any successful company, especially in healthcare where trust between healthcare providers and the communities they serve is essential for quality healthcare outcomes. We work hard to meet the changing needs of our customers' by focusing on setting diversity goals, driving accountability throughout the company, and ensuring we are reporting on and achieving our customer’s goals as well as our own.

We remain committed to championing diversity, not only in the resources and research we produce and distribute, but also in the way we truly partner with the customers we serve.

Diversity is all around us and in everything we do. It’s what makes each and every one of us unique. And the truth is, we are all better because of it.

Supplier Diversity in 2020: A Prescription for Success

HPC partnered with Premier, Waypoint Strategies, and several U.S. health systems in a collaborative effort led by Premier to release a supplier diversity white paper about the new challenges we are facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and how diverse populations coming together can overcome them.

HPC’s Commitment to Literacy

The benefits of literacy are innumerable. Providing more than just the ability to read and write, literacy is also about making sense of and engaging in the world, including understanding one’s own health. Everything we read and write empowers us to make decisions, to think independently, to express ideas clearly, and to live and work well with others. However, children who lack access to books often struggle with reading and fall behind—in school and in life. In fact, one out of six children who do not read at age level by the end of third grade are at risk of not graduating from high school. To help make sure that kids in need have readily available reading materials, HPC regularly donates books to organizations that support children and families in addition to supporting other types of charitable work.

  • YMCA Metro Chicago
  • YMCA Park Ridge
  • YMCA Downers Grove
  • YMCA Naperville
  • YMCA Lawndale
  • YMCA Elmhurst
  • YMCA Niles
  • YMCA Des Plaines
  • YMCA Metro Detroit
  • YMCA Millford
  • YMCA Livonia
  • YMCA Farmington Hills
  • St. Joseph’s Carmelite Home for Girls
  • Dropping Dimes Foundation
  • Franciscan Alliance
  • Make A Wish Foundation
  • Holy Name Medical Center Foundation
  • The Latin School of Chicago

HPC is the partner that companies and healthcare organizations turn to for solutions that reduce operational spending, improve corporate efficiency, and increase access to education and medical research.