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4 Issues

Allrecipes magazine is a cooking and food magazine for home cooks who enjoy sharing their recipes and trying new ones. Allrecipes magazine provides more than just lists of ingredients and directions by including expert tips and reviews for an optimal cooking experience.

Allrecipes features the favorite recipes from, the world's largest online cooking community. Members enjoy sharing and connecting with other home cooks. The selected recipes for the magazine are rated on a 5-star scale and reviewed. Each includes a full-color photo along with cooking tips and advice. Cooks of all ages and skill levels find Allrecipes magazine to be a wonderful source of cooking inspiration.

Each Allrecipes issue contains favorite recipes, expert cooking advice and informative articles. Allrecipes subscribers learn: ways to make easy and affordable meals; the latest cooking news, products, tips, trends and hacks; how to focus on healthy eating and cooking; what's new in kitchen gadgets; culinary lessons for kids; how to put together meal plans along with appropriate beverage pairings; and more about Allrecipe's online community.

Allrecipes' quarterly editorial content focuses on subjects such as: Meals that Make the Grade (school lunches); Weeknight Wow; The Thanksgiving Issue; The Comfort Issue; Food, Family, Festivities; and Garden & Grill.

Anyone responsible for making meals in the home will benefit from a subscription to Allrecipes magazine.
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