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7 Issues

Birds & Blooms is a gardening and birding magazine that offers novice and expert birdwatchers tips and tricks for attracting rare birds, as well as DIY projects, gardening articles, and more.

Birds & Blooms offers novice and professional birdwatchers and gardeners the most up-to-date information in the world of birding and gardening. From gorgeous photos of rare birds to DIY gardening ideas, Birds & Blooms helps readers create beautiful projects and transform their backyards into a haven for birds and wildlife.

Each issue of Birds & Blooms is packed with how-to's, advice, and projects for attracting new kinds of birds. Much of the content in Birds & Blooms is reader-submitted, and includes tips for buying feed, finding rare species of birds, and discovering gorgeous birding destinations. Readers are encouraged to submit their own questions and bird-watching experiences, along with photos they've captured of hard-to-find birds. The birding section also offers information on migratory patterns, and which birds to expect in different seasons.

Birds & Blooms also features an extensive gardening section, which contains a wide variety of articles, from how to grow in-season produce and flowers, to secrets for growing plants that attract birds. Amateur gardeners will enjoy the "Gardening 101" section, which has practical advice on topics like choosing soil, growing plants in a drought, and choosing the best plants for the sun or shade.

The DIY section in Birds & Blooms is perfect for readers who love taking on projects to update their backyards. The clear instructions and vivid photographs will help readers create unique backyard decor, including birdhouses, feeders, ponds, and more. The repurpose section also offers suggestions to transform everyday items into stylish outdoor pieces.

Birds & Blooms is perfect for both novice and experienced birdwatchers, as well as anyone interested in gardening, DIY, or wildlife.
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