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12 Issues

Better Homes & Gardens is a home & gardening magazine about turning your property into a welcoming home. Learn how to transform your yard into a stunning landscape, turn simple ingredients into delectable dishes, and master home decor.

Better Homes & Gardens was founded and first published in 1922. From its beginnings, the magazine grew as readers tried memorable recipes good enough to share with their loved one's down through the generations, grew lush gardens with outstanding tips, and made general housekeeping fun. Nearly a century later, the magazine continues to make our homes a center point for all of life's many adventures.

Every issue is easy to pick up and read. With colorful pictures and easy to follow instructions, Better Homes & Gardens makes it easy to find last minute dinner tips, or plan a whole house makeover. Inside features include: "Fresh," which covers the latest design trends in home decorating, popular restaurants, and the people making it all happen; "Home" is all about making a living space all your own; "Food" covers the dishes that take center stage in almost every home, and how to get creative so you can take simple meals and inject a little flair; live life "Better" and experience the world with travels guides, tips, and ideas; then round things out and view "Life In Color," which takes readers inside the life of another family, shows readers how to make your home pop with the right garden, and more.

From outside gardening to inside design, cooking and more, Better Homes & Gardens makes it easy. Anyone that knows working around the home is a labor of love will appreciate this magazine.
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