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12 Issues

American Nurse Today is a medical professionals magazine that nurses rely on to develop their professional careers, enhance patient outcomes and build the educational foundation of best practices. Subscription includes 10 print and 2 digital issues (August and December).

As the official journal of the American Nurse Association, American Nurse Today serves nurses in furthering the profession by offering succinct, evidence-based, practical, peer-reviewed clinical data and information. Readers are able to use what they learn in their practice, no matter what their specialty. American Nurse Today's content echoes the initiatives of the American Nurse Association.

Each issue of American Nurse Today contains reader favorite sections like: Inside American Nurse Association (ANA), which shares information and updates from the strongest voice and advocate for the nursing profession; Strictly Clinical, which presents peer-reviewed clinical articles, including continuing education that addresses best practices and a wide variety of useful information that nurses can use in their practice; Practice Matters, which covers topics such as: legal and ethical issues, reimbursement, time management, contract negotiation and drug topics; Career Sphere, which offers tips, techniques and ideas to help nurses maximize their careers; and Mind/Body/Spirit, which reminds nurses to take care of the caregiver.

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