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Your Child's Poop

What's Normal, What's Not Brochure (10 pack)

New! This full color booklet will help parents determine if their newborn, infant, or child’s bowel movements are normal and if concerns warrant a call to the pediatrician. It covers such topics as

  • Colors and odors of stool—normal and not
  • How to tell if an infant or child is constipated
  • Causes, prevention, and treatment of constipation
  • Causes, prevention, and treatment of diarrhea
  • When diarrhea warrants a call to the pediatrician
  • Frequently asked questions


It also features an illustrated poop chart to help parents understand normal and abnormal textures of their child’s poop and a newborn color chart to prepare parents for the rainbow of surprises they may find in their newborn’s diaper. Parents will be reassured by these straightforward answers to a topic that often offers important clues to their child’s health.


Sold in packs of 10.

  • Retail price: $40.00
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  • Publisher: AAPC
  • ISBN: HE0557