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Baditude! What to Do When Life Stinks!

So much of Noodle's life just stinks Homework stinks. Practice stinks. Yard work stinks. And family pictures? They REALLY stink Luckily, Noodle's mom and teacher are there to help him understand how his bad attitude, or "baditude," is affecting his mood and those around him. Even his friends are starting to avoid him If only he can stop looking at everything so negatively, more positive results will follow Join Noodle as he learns to turn his "I have to's" into "I get to's," his frown into a smile, and his "badtitude" into "gratitude" This is the 2nd title in the Responsible Me series.
  • Retail price: $10.95
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  • Publisher: AABB
  • ISBN: 9781934490907