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Cardiac Rhythm Management Coder

A one-stop resource for safeguarding your CRM/EP revenues and compliance

Cardiac rhythm management (CRM) and electrophysiology (EP) procedures generate substantial revenue for hospitals and physician practices. But reimbursements can be elusive due to low coding accuracy rates, inconsistent and highly technical physician documentation, along with the sheer complexity of the procedures themselves. Even if revenues are meeting expectations, your claims may be vulnerable to auditors who are fully prepared to find mistakes and take back payments.

Could it get any tougher? The answer is a resounding “yes,” because many coders find themselves struggling with many of the new, deleted and revised codes that have been implemented in recent years, including new codes for remote physiologic monitoring and leadless pacemakers.

Protecting vital CRM/EP revenues hinges upon making certain you have the most dependable and trusted how-to resources at your fingertips. Besides helping you navigate the inherent challenges of CRM coding, billing, and documentation, our Cardiac Rhythm Management Coder book will guide you through many recent changes that profoundly impact reimbursements and compliance.

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  • Publisher: MedLearn
  • ISBN: 9781631512629