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Coding Essentials for Laboratories

Much more than a laboratory coding guide…a complete solution to tackle the challenges wrecking your revenues

During these challenging times, you need more than a guide to laboratory coding and billing. Mounting complexity, confusing new rules and continued reductions in reimbursements require a comprehensive solution — this is exactly what you get with Coding Essentials for Laboratories.

Did you know that some of the new PLA codes coincide with Category I CPT ® codes, increasing the potential for mistakes and payment denials? Are you aware of the ramped-up scrutiny by payers looking for noncompliant practices, such as stacking CPT codes for lab panels? Likewise, Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs) are targeting some laboratory tests for proof of medical necessity. In addition, with the evolving pandemic, several new COVID-19 codes now exist that impact your laboratory services. You can trust that we will deliver the latest guidance for correct reporting.

With Coding Essentials for Laboratories, our experts will help you steer clear of these and many other potential pitfalls, you can count on this time-trusted resource to guide you quickly to the correct codes for laboratory and pathology services.


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  • Publisher: MedLearn
  • ISBN: 9781631512605