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Coding Companion ENT/Allergy/Pulmonology

Consolidate the coding process with the Coding Companion. Your one-stop coding resource
developed exclusively for ENT, allergy, and pulmonology. This comprehensive and easy-to-use guide
is updated for 2024 and organized by specialty-specific CPT® codes. Each CPT® code includes its
official description and lay description, coding tip, Medicare edits, and relative value units and is crosscoded to common ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes to complete the coding process. Getting to the code
information you need has never been so easy.

Key Features and Benefits
• Evaluation and Management (E/M) Services Guidelines – E/M codes are used every day in your
practice. Now with CPT® E/M Guidelines and our Optum Coding Tips, you have all the information
you need to select the correct E/M code for the service provided.
• Quickly find information. All the information you need is provided with the CPT® code, including
illustrations, lay descriptions, coding tips, clinical terms, Medicare RVUs and IOM references, and
commonly associated ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes.
• Procedure code icons – Quickly identify new, revised, add-on, and telemedicine procedure codes,
making your coding process for procedures and E/M services quick and efficient.
• ICD-10-CM code icons – Icons identifying male and female only codes, as well as age-related and
laterality diagnosis codes.
• Easily determine fees for your practice and reinforce consistency in the charges. Relative
value units including the practice, work, and malpractice components with the total RVUs for nonfacility and facility are included.
• CPT® Assistant references. Identifies that an article or discussion of the CPT® code has been in
the American Medical Association’s CPT® Assistant newsletter. Use the citation to locate the correct
• Avoid claim denials and/or audits. Medicare payer information includes references to Internet
Only Manual (IOM) guidelines, follow-up days, and assistant-at-surgery.
• CCI edits by CPT® and HCPCS procedure code. CPT® and HCPCS procedure codes with their
associated CCI edits are provided in a special section. Quarterly updates are available online at Product Update page.
CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

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  • Publisher: Optum360: Optum360 Coding Books
  • ISBN: 9781622548521