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Coders' Desk Reference for Procedures

(Compact, 6x9)

The Coders’ Desk Reference for Procedures is a comprehensive resource for all 2024 CPT
® codes.
This all-inclusive tool helps identify the minute differences and components of similar CPT® codes.
You will code more accurately from operative reports and produce cleaner claims the first time by
improving your understanding of the clinical meanings behind the codes and checking billing and coding
information for Medicare.

Key Features and Benefits
• Comprehensive CPT® code listing with CPT® procedure lay descriptions. Eliminate the need
for multiple resources with this one-stop resource of more than 8,000 CPT® codes and 6,000 lay
descriptions for surgery, laboratory/pathology, radiology, medicine, and evaluation and
management codes.
• Place of service codes for E/M services. Review the list of CMS-1500 place of service codes
with a grid of evaluation and management codes linked to the appropriate place of service.
• Evaluation and Management (E/M) Services Guidelines. Review components of care needed
when determining E/M levels of service with the AMA CPT® guidelines.
• Modifier definitions and usage rules. Reduce research time and improve coding accuracy with
a complete modifier list, accompanied by narrative explanations to ensure proper use of
• Procedure eponym crosswalk. Locate eponym definitions and code links in an alphabetically
organized section.
• Reimbursement and procedure glossary of terms. Understand terminology often used in
medical record documentation and terms used in communications with payers.
• Abbreviations, acronyms, symbols, prefixes, and suffixes. Better understand terms and use
these valuable tools for more efficient CPT® coding.
• Anatomical illustrations. Recognize the body sites described in operative reports with helpful

CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

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  • Publisher: Optum360: Optum360 Coding Books
  • ISBN: 9781622548460