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Coders' Desk Reference Diagnoses eBook


The Coders’ Desk Reference for ICD-10-CM Diagnoses provides thousands of clinical descriptions of
diseases, disease processes, injuries, poisonings, and other conditions to help both novices and
seasoned coders attain the knowledge and skill necessary to accurately identify and assign the most
specific ICD-10-CM diagnosis code for each documented condition.
With these clinical definitions and focus points, you can reduce coding errors and improve coding
confidence by gaining a better understanding of the clinical meanings behind the codes.

Key Features and Benefits
• Optum Edge — More clinical descriptions and focus points. Expanded with clinical descriptions
and focus points for new and changed 2024 codes as well as existing ICD-10-CM codes.
• Optum Edge — Illustrations at the code level. Often an illustration is needed to enhance
understanding. Illustrations of pertinent anatomy and pathological changes related to the disease
process are included as a visual aid.
• Optum Edge — Code level clinical description. Code level descriptions are provided for select
diseases, injuries, symptoms, other factors influencing health status, and other reasons for contact
with healthcare providers.
• Optum Edge — Clinical focus points. Improve overall coding accuracy with additional information
for complex diagnoses and injuries that require an understanding of related codes and conditions that
might better describe the documented condition.
• Alphanumeric organization by ICD-10-CM code. Locate codes quickly with a resource developed to
work hand-in-hand with your Optum ICD-10-CM codebook.
• Enhance understanding of ICD-10-CM. Understanding the clinical condition captured by each code
is essential to correct code assignment, and this resource is designed to explain and highlight
differences between codes that may appear similar at first glance.
• Designed for both novices and seasoned coders. Coders of every skill level find that these clinical
descriptions enhance understanding of ICD-10-CM.

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  • Publisher: Optum360: Optum360 Coding Books
  • ISBN: 9781622548422