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Thriving Physician

How to Avoid Burnout by Choosing Resilience Throughout Your Medical Career

Few professions are as physically and emotionally challenging as the practice of medicine.

From the rigors of medical school to the high stakes, rapidly changing, multi-tasking reality of practice, physicians face unbelievable stress for years on end. It s no surprise that half of all physicians face burnout, work-home conflict, and other serious issues.

This 'survival guide for the psyche' is packed with insights and strategies to help you build the resilience you need to succeed and grow, both personally and professionally, in the modern healthcare system.

In The Thriving Physician, Drs. Simonds and Sotile:
Explore an array of stressors and provide coping strategies designed to help you defuse them
Offer probing questions related to each stressor to spark reflection and discussion with colleagues and loved ones
Highlight what creative organizations are doing to help reshape the medical workplace to promote physician resilience
Weave in real life anecdotes throughout, taking their insights and advice from theoretical to deeply personal and relatable

You ve chosen a noble helping profession one that should be a source of joy and pride. Whether you read this book cover-to-cover or focus only on the stressors that most impact you, it can change your life for the better. It s time to take charge of your career; it s time to become a thriving physician.

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  • Publisher: STUDER
  • ISBN: 9781622181018