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Somatic Dysfunction in Osteopathic

Family Medicine

Patient Empowerment / James L. Laub -- The Triune Nature Of Humanity : Body, Mind, And Spirit / David B. Fuller -- Osteopathic Distinctiveness / Kenneth E. Nelson, William H. Stager -- Clinical Touch And Cultural Competence / Richard K. Ogden, Mary Goldman, Rodney Wiseman -- Diagnosing Somatic Dysfunction / Kenneth E. Nelson -- The Manipulative Prescription / Kenneth E. Nelson -- Viscerosomatic Reflexes And Somatovisceral Influences / Kenneth E. Nelson, Joseph Allgeier -- Integrative Medicine / William H. Stager, Ann L. Habenicht -- Psychoneuroimmunology / Jan Lei Iwata, Thomas Glonek -- The Psychiatric Patient / Andrew Lovy, Wendell Carpenter, Kenneth E. Nelson -- The Addicted Patient / Anthony H. Dekker, Joseph Dekker, Michael Dekker -- The Pediatric Patient / Nicette Sergueef, Kenneth E. Nelson, Frank R. Serrecchia -- The Female Patient / Melicien Tettambel, Kenneth E. Nelson -- The Surgical Patient / Janet M. Krettek -- The Athlete / Kurt P. Heinking, Mark E. Mckeigue -- The Geriatric Patient / Kenneth E. Nelson, Ann L. Habenicht, Nicette Sergueef, Joseph Allgeier -- The Patient At The End Of Life / Alice J. Zal, Mark Sanders, Anada Gunn-sanders -- The Urgent And Emergent Care Patient / Robert Marino, Ann L. Habenicht -- The Hospitalized Patient / Samuel Yoakum -- The Patient Requiring Rehabilitation / Jeffrey Brault -- The Patient With Otitis Media / David B. Fuller -- The Patient With Temporomandibular Joint Pain And Dysfunction / John Mcpartland -- The Ophthalmologic Patient / Jack V. Greiner, James H. Gronemeyer -- The Patient With An Upper Respiratory Infection / Kenneth E. Nelson, Joseph Allgeier -- The Patient With Lower Respiratory Tract Problems / Zachary J. Comeaux -- The Patient With Hypertension / David M. Driscoll, Harry D. Friedman -- The Patient With Congestive Heart Failure / Kenneth E. Nelson, Isaac Kirstein -- The Patient With Gastrointestinal Problems / Kenneth E. Nelson, Ann L. Habenicht, Stephen D. Blood -- The Patient With Urologic Concerns / Anette Karin Schilling Mnabhi -- The Oncology Patient / Tamara Z. Vern-gross, Thomas E. Merchant -- The Patient With Thyroid Disease / Douglas J. Jorgensen, Andrea S. Clem -- The Patient With Parkinson's Disease / Charles J. Smutny, Iii -- The Patient With Larson's Syndrome : Functional Vasomotor Hemiparesthesia Syndrome / Frank C. Walton, Sr., Kenneth E. Nelson -- The Patient With Chronic Complex Illnesses : Chronic Fatigue And Immune Dysfunction Syndrome And/or Fibromyalgia / Anette Karin Schilling Mnabhi -- The Patient With Chronic Pain, Headache / Thomas M. Richards -- The Patient With Back Pain : Short Leg Syndrome And Postural Balance / Kenneth E. Nelson, Anette Karin Schilling Mnabhi -- The Patient With Back Pain : Postural Decompensation In The Sagittal Plane / Nils A. Olson -- The Patient With Scoliosis / Kenneth E. Nelson, Gina M. Schueneman -- The Office / Dean Raffaelli, Glenn Nordehn -- Progress Notes And Coding / Douglas J. Jorgensen, Raymond T. Jorgensen, Kenneth E. Nelson -- The Standardized Medical Record / Sandra L. Sleszynski, Bryan Larsen, Thomas Glonek. Written Under The Auspices Of The American College Of Osteopathic Family Physicians ; Editor, Kenneth E. Nelson, Do, Faao, Facofp (dist.), Professor, Departments Of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Family Medicine, And Biochemistry, Chicago College Of Osteopathic Medicine, Midwestern University, Downers Grove, Illinois ; Associate Editor, Thomas Glonek, Phd, Professor, Department Of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Chicago College Of Osteopathic Medicine, Midwestern University, Downers Grove, Illinois, Chicago Osteopathic Family Practice, Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, Illinois. Includes Bibliographical References And Index.
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  • Publisher: Wolters Kluwer
  • ISBN: 9781451103052