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Frank Lloyd Wright's $10,000 Home:

History, Design, and Restoration of the Bach House Paperback

Frank Lloyd Wright believed that even a modest $10,000 home deserved to be both beautiful and functional, and it was this idea that led to the building of Emil and Anna Bach’s “little dream house.” Frank Lloyd Wright’s $10,000 Home: History, Design, and Restoration of the Bach House provides insight into Wright’s commitment to affordable architecture and how the relatively small size of the Bach house made it obtainable for a middle-class family of the time. Wright made sure that all aspects of the house—from the plumbing to the built-in furniture to specific building materials—contributed to its affordability. As with so many architectural ideas that we now take for granted, Wright built it first.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s $10,000 Home is a design-focused portrait of the iconic Bach House, featuring rare building illustrations, beautiful maps, intimate family stories, and extensive photographs that offer a distinctive look at the house’s history, the families that lived there, and the thoughtful process of its protection and restoration.
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  • Page Count: 160
  • Publisher: Hilton Publishing, Inc
  • ISBN: 9780998328294