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A minute for Your Health (2012)

What can you learn from the experts in one minute or less that can help you and your family members live better, improve your spirit, and maybe even save your lives? Plenty. A Minute for Your Health
was released with the conviction that a minute can make a difference in your life-a life or death difference!

Readers responded to the vital information in the easy-to-digest format of the first edition, and demand for the book surpassed all expectations. Four years later, we are happy to bring you this
newly expanded edition of A Minute for Your Health, with over 100 health tips on topics ranging from a healthy diet to cardiovascular disease to health insurance.

We hope you'll share A Minute for Your Health with others throughout your religious and community organizations.
Use this book to inform and empower yourself, your family, your friends, and your neighbors. The book talks about some of the biggest killers-including diseases such as stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and HIV-that are highly preventable. Health awareness is a crucial part of a healthier community.

Religion is a core component of this book, which can be used by individuals and by congregations around which to base health ministry programs and health care discussions.

The Author believes that we don't need to spend more dollars on health care and medicine; what we need to do is 1) think more about our bodies and our health each day, 2) adopt life styles that promote health and not disease, and 3) be prudent shoppers when it comes to selecting a physician, a hospital or an insurance company.

There is no magic pill for youth, longevity, or a disease-free life. There is a prescription, however, that, if followed, can enhance the quality of your life and add years to your life. The TIPS found in this book are part of the prescription; regular church attendance and a positive outlook on life is another part.
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  • Publisher: Hilton Publishing: Hilton Bookstore
  • ISBN: 9780984756612