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Sickle Cell Superheroes

Share this beautiful hand-illustrated children's storybook written by Destiny Van Sciver, a healthcare professional and the mother of two children with sickle cell disease (SCD), a blood disorder affecting people of all ages all around the world. Through her new book, Destiny hopes to provide comfort and better understanding to other families like her own who's young children have also been diagnosed with SCD.

Sickle Cell Superheroes is a sweet fictional story about a young girl showing bravery, strength and determination to live her life to the fullest despite the obstacles she sometimes faces with her blood disorder. This book is a perfect resource for patients and families in hematology departments and sickle cell clinics, and also would make a wonderful addition to any primary K-12 school library, to teach elementary-aged students what it's like living with SCD which some of their classmates very likely have.

"My name is Kenya, and I am a sickle cell superhero. Did you know all sickle cell superheroes have sickle cell disease and share the same fight, even though they have different stories? This is my story, where the sun rises every morning and I become a warrior just like you. What's your story?"



"I received the copy of the book I ordered, Sickle Cell Superheroes, which I understand is published by HPC International Inc. I think the book is wonderful, the content well suited for a younger child, and the illustrations are beautiful.  I have passed the book along to our Child Life Specialist that ordered it, along with your website information.  I imagine she may take a look at your website to see what other titles you carry. Thank you for your follow-up call and I wish you a lovely day!" 

-- Dana Stroth, Administrative Assistant, M Health Fairview, University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital, Child and Family Life Services



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  • Page Count: 32
  • Publisher: Hilton Publishing: Hilton Bookstore
  • Published: December 2020
  • ISBN: 9780977316021